Diona launches transformative mobile
assessment tools for Social Workers

Assessments for Diona Mobile Visits enables social workers to be more productive with clients in the field

Dublin, 2nd April 2015: Diona, the innovative mobility solutions provider for Health & Human Services agencies, today announced Assessments for Diona Mobile Visits. This is an innovative add-on for the ground breaking Diona Mobile Visits solution which will allow social workers to use mobile devices to conduct assessments while out of the office in their client communities.

Assessments for Diona Mobile Visits means social workers can now manage their cases, conduct assessments and automatically generate results in the field using tablet devices. This gives them greater control of their caseloads and enables them to maximise their time spent working in the community.

The solution can be configured to the specific needs of the agency in question, allowing them to create and customise their own assessments and forms for collecting, storing and sharing information without the need for expensive coding and customizations. By supporting a mobile-first service, Assessments for Diona Mobile Visits is enabling agencies to become less dependent on costly paper-based processes and become more efficient and productive in terms of their resources. As part of the Diona Mobility family, Assessments for Mobile Visits is designed to support rapid localization, and the initial release is available in Arabic, English, and German.

Assessments for Diona Mobile Visits can be used and operated in both online and offline mode, with options for manual or automatic synching of data with existing back-end systems available. In doing so, it allows social workers to be more efficient and effective while spending more time with their clients, in the field.

Graham Stubbs, CEO and Co-Founder of Diona said:
“Today most social workers still conduct assessments and fill out forms using paper which, in today’s mobile hungry world, is not only an outdated form of working, it’s also quite costly.”

“For social workers, Assessments for Diona Mobile Visits gives them a secure and manageable virtual briefcase for all of their assessments and forms. For agencies, it means they can implement new forms and assessments or refine existing ones, in a simple, efficient way, without the need for intricate coding.”

“For public sector innovation, mobile solutions are the next step. Solutions such as this allow vital case work to be conducted in the field, meaning that social workers can spend more time working in the community rather than being stuck at their desks.”


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