Diona Mobile Child Support

Child Support Services agencies are looking for new ways to make it easier for Custodial and Non-Custodial parents to meet their obligations. Diona Mobile Child Support is designed to meet the demands of Child Support clients for better self-service capabilities to apply, track, pay and receive the services and payments they need to ensure the well-being of their children. Diona Mobile Child Support enables Child Support agencies to provide modern self-service experiences to parents, while leveraging existing child support and payment systems.


Diona Mobile Child Support provides clients with the power to:


Know Where They Stand
From an intuitive, user-friendly mobile solution, clients have a single, unified view of interactions with their Child Support Services agency. With case details at hand and important notices, notifications and messages delivered instantly to their mobile device, clients are better informed and more empowered. Diona Mobile Child Support is more than a government mobile app—it is a system of engagement for Custodial and Non-Custodial parents leveraging the Child Support program to support their children.   

Manage appointments
Missed agency and court appointments are expensive for parents and agencies. By making it easier for  parents to manage their appointments, receive reminders, and use device maps for directions to court or agency offices, Diona Mobile Child Support helps decrease no-shows and improve outcomes.

Make and Track Payments
Diona Mobile Child Support provides an easy-to-use interface for Custodial parents to view past payments and for Non-Custodial parents to make payments against their obligations. Custodial parents no longer need to wonder when their next child support payment will arrive—or wait in line or on hold to find out. The solution makes it easy for Payments to be made and helps reduce defaults.

Request Modifications or Relief easily with Forms
As circumstances change, Non-Custodial parents may need to request for relief/suspension of child support payments and Custodial parents may request a modified obligation order. Diona Mobile Child Support gives people the ability to complete and submit forms associated with such requests—all from their mobile phone or tablet device. Submitting forms directly to the agency in a digital format, saves time, resources, energy and avoids unnecessary waiting in lines.


Update Personal Details

The ability to update personal information without waiting in line, filling out paper forms, or navigating government agency phone systems makes it more likely that clients will keep their information current. Diona Mobile Child Support makes it easier for clients to ensure their agency records are accurate, resulting in a better experience without delays or lapses in service.

Easily access documents, court notices and agency notifications
Whether it is a court order, a medical test report or a reminder for payment, Diona Mobile Child Support makes access to documents, notices and messages easy. Custodial and Non-Custodial parents will no longer miss important messages from the agency or support payment dates. Proactive notifications help Child Support Services agencies improve compliance and reduce process and payment delays.

Overcome Accessibility Barriers
Leveraging the latest accessibility capabilities available in mobile OS platforms, Diona Mobile Child Support was designed from the ground up for accessibility. Diona’s mobile government solutions offer world-class support for people with disabilities to help ensure that everyone who needs help is able to get it.

Diona Mobile Child Support (PDF)


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