Diona Mobile Uploads

Many Health and Human Services agency processes require that clients provide benefit eligibility documents such as drivers’ licenses, utility bills, or birth certificates. The process is paper-based, time-consuming, and error-prone. Government agencies need a solution that works the way people engage with the world today—through smartphones and tablets—and provides mobile applications to achieve government self-service.

Diona Mobile Uploads is an enterprise mobility solution that allows clients of Health and Human Services agencies to use their mobile phone to photograph and submit copies of documents.

Diona Mobile Uploads supports government digital transformation initiatives and integrates with agency systems and processes to simplify and accelerate agency goals and achieve better outcomes. Our government mobile application helps agencies put the power of technology into people’s hands to make service delivery faster, easier, and smarter.


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With its user-centered design, Diona Mobile Uploads is simple to use. It requires no mobile login IDs, passwords, training, or user manuals, and the steps to submit a document through the mobile government app are minimal and intuitive. Additionally, clients who are in urgent need of benefits and services no longer have to travel to government offices, wait in long lines, and experience delays in benefit processing. They can accomplish everything within minutes—whenever and wherever they are—from their mobile phone.

Massively Scalable
Diona Mobile Uploads can support millions of Health and Human Services clients submitting documents across different devices, in different languages, and without issue. With digital transmission, there’s no need to print, copy, scan, or file paper-based documents, and the workload on agency staff is significantly reduced. This citizen self-service tool ensures that document images arrive with the necessary identifying data, thereby increasing accuracy, decreasing inefficiencies, and boosting productivity.

Truly Mobile
Diona Mobile Uploads works on popular mobile phone types including Android and iOS and works the way clients expect a mobile app to from wherever they are.

Language Ready
Diona Mobile Uploads was designed and developed to serve people across the globe and can be quickly configured to support the languages your Health and Human Services clients require. In addition to working with both left-to-right and right-to-left text, Diona Mobile Uploads supports double-byte characters including kanji. New languages can be added quickly and without coding.

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Secure Information about Clients
Security is one of the most important aspects of a Digital Government Initiative. Client data security and privacy is built into every stage of Diona Mobile Uploads. Information is protected in transit through robust encryption, and no paper copies of sensitive documents are left on photocopiers.

Rapid Development
Need to support a new document type or data field? No problem. Diona Mobile Uploads is ready to be configured and expanded, requiring no software development or coding. New fields and support for new types of eligibility documents can be easily configured and supported within hours—instead of weeks or months.

Integration Ready
From full legacy system integration to Dropbox and Google Drive handoffs that are simple and quick to implement, Diona Mobile Uploads offers flexible options to integrate agency processes and deliver eligibility documentation—whenever and where ever needed. With our commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile tools, agencies can achieve rapid government self-service and improve the care they provide to millions of people.

Diona Mobile Uploads (PDF)