Erie County department of Social services

The mission of the Erie County Department of Social Services (DSS) is to provide services that are needed within the community, engagement with families and children, and family wellbeing. This includes Child Protection, Preventive Services, Foster Care, Adoption, and Independent Living. DSS looks at their role as being family engagers, assessing what a family’s needs are, identifying safety or risks that need to be addressed, and putting services in place to address those needs.

A large percentage of DSS staff spend their day out of the office working within the community, which creates challenges for writing and submitting notes and completing required documentation within a timely fashion. This results in duplicate effort by caseworkers and delays in documentation. DSS was looking for a solution that would support their caseworkers while they were engaging with children and families, allowing them to complete their work in the moment.

With the help of Diona Mobile Investigations, DSS caseworkers can access their case details while out of the office, whether online or offline, submit notes and signatures before even leaving a family, electronically receive new assignments while out of the office, and generally use their time more efficiently.

The Diona application is a great tool to be used by caseworkers in the field, and I’m excited to see the growth of use of the application within our county.
— Colleen Hart, Child Protective Team Leader, Erie County DSS



Watch how DSS uses Diona Mobile Investigations to help over 250,00 children and families in Erie County

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