The States of Guernsey

Diona is working with The Office of the Committee for Employment & Social Security States of Guernsey to help the department provide personalised services to clients in receipt of Income Support. With the States of Guernsey Mobile app, an enterprise solution delivered using Diona Mobile Uploads, clients can interact directly with the Office from the comfort of their homes - without the need to travel to an office. The agency is also saving valuable time and money by shifting worker focus away from administrative tasks and back to person-centric services. 

The States of Guernsey Document Upload app has been well received with an average rating of 4.9 stars in the App Stores with “Easy to use” themed feedback.



The States of Guernsey engaged Diona to provide an enterprise mobility solution which would allow us to better serve our residents in receipt of Income Support in March 2018. Within 12 weeks we had a solution fully integrated with our benefit processing system which allows our customers to interact with us by providing necessary information without the need to physically attend an office. The solution has been well received by our customers and it has allowed us, as an organisation to reutilise a number of front of office staff into a role more focused on securing successful outcomes for our customers.
— Colin Vaudin, Government Chief Information Officer States of Guernsey


The States of Guernsey Office for Employment & Social Security goes live with Diona Mobile Uploads

Congratulations to The States of Guernsey Office for Employment & Social Security for going live with Diona Mobile Uploads. Diona Mobile Uploads supports recipients of Income Support engage with the Office for Employment & Social Security using mobile devices.

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