Diona Mobile Investigations

Digital Transformation can seem daunting, but for government agencies working to modernize and transform the way they serve people, there can be an easier path forward—mobility. Diona Mobile Investigations provides a “mobility first” approach that quickly puts innovative technology into the hands of caseworkers to extend agency systems where they engage with clients—out in the world, not the office.

Diona Mobile Investigations provides Health and Human Services agencies with an enterprise mobility solution to help manage investigations while caseworkers are in the field. Using a government mobile application, investigators working in Child Welfare, Child Protective Services, Foster Care, Adult Protection, and Adult Services have ready access to the essential data, information, and note-taking tools they need to be more effective and make better informed decisions.

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Manage Your Caseload More Efficiently
Having a single easy-to-use view of assigned investigations means being able to stay focused on what matters most, the investigation. With details at hand such as allegations to be investigated, participants in the home, and previous visit details and related attachments, investigators come prepared with the information they need to get to better results.

Know What You’re Walking Into
Walking into a client investigation without context is less effective, but it may also negatively impact safety. Diona Mobile Investigations delivers critical information about the people involved in an investigation including any relevant history of prior encounters with government agencies. Equipped with agency data, existing records, and information on their mobile device, investigators can more effectively assess potential safety concerns for vulnerable people in an investigation, as well as themselves.

Figure Out Who’s Who
Diona Mobile Investigations is a better way for investigators to manage their investigations, particularly during the initial contact with vulnerable children and families in a Health and Human Services investigation. Through integration with the agency’s back-end systems, Diona’s enterprise mobility solution allows investigators to search for people in the system and makes background checks instantaneous. Investigators can quickly determine whether a person being interviewed has a history with the agency and what are the appropriate actions to take.

Accelerate Your Assessments
Diona Mobile Investigations provides investigators with mobile assessment tools that are easy to travel with and use in the field. With an intuitive interface and employing user-centered design, our mobile application supports tap, swipe, and wipe gestures and allows investigators to effortlessly navigate and complete mobile assessments and forms quickly, while staying focused on the investigation.

Validated through evidence-based research, quantitative mobile-based assessments aid investigators by making it easy to complete assessments at the scene of an investigation and receive immediate action recommendations. These mobile assessments and forms can work offline, so investigators receive instant results and information, even when no internet connection is available. Regardless of mobile coverage or back-end connection, investigators can assess and obtain data in real-time to avoid or prevent imminent safety concerns or potential harm to vulnerable people. 



Take Notes that Count
Included with Diona Mobile Investigations is a mobile notes functionality that offers a set of features opening up new possibilities and work options for how investigators retrieve, document, and transmit information about their casework.

The notes functionality employs multi-media note-taking to offer clearer and better record-keeping than written notes or words alone. By combining different approaches including handwritten or typed note-taking, audio and video recordings, and photographs or image uploads, investigators can find the work style that suits them, their agency, and their clients best.

An elegant text-to-speech ability allows investigators to transform travel time to a client’s site into an opportunity to efficiently review notes and cases on a secure mobile app. Diona Mobile Investigations also supports speech-to-text, offering even more options to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Ensure Sensitive Information is Safe and Secure
Bringing paper copies of client information into the field is inherently risky. Instead of carrying documents and notes in file folders and boxes, it’s vastly more safe and secure using a protected device such as an encrypted smartphone or tablet. Diona Mobile Investigations was designed with strong data encryption and security features to protect government agency and client data. Data security is integral at every stage of workforce mobilization.

Only information needed in the field is brought to the field, and data can be erased or a device “bricked” remotely in the event of loss or theft.

Stay Connected Without Staying In the Office
Diona Mobile Investigations offers true work flexibility. Some “mobility” solutions offer no real mobility at all and require investigators to return to the office every time they need to update information on their laptops. With mobile apps deployed through smartphones and tablets, Diona Mobile Investigations works offline and offers true connectivity on the road. It’s smart enough to keep working even when no internet connection is available and demonstrates what it really means to be a mobile worker.

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