Diona Mobile Investigations

Diona Mobile Investigations provides investigators with a mobile information hub to help manage their investigations while in the field. Using a tablet-based solution, investigators have ready access to the essential information and note-taking tools they need to be more effective and make better informed calls.

Diona Mobile Investigations 1

Manage Your Caseload More Efficiently
Having a single easy-to-use view of assigned investigations means being able to stay focused on what matters most, the investigation. With details at hand such as allegations to be investigated, participants in the home, and previous visit details and related attachments, investigators come prepared with the information they need to get to better results.

Know What You’re Walking Into
No one wants to walk into a situation without context. Diona Mobile Investigations delivers information about the people involved in an investigation including any relevant history of their prior encounters with the agency. The agency’s existing records are also at hand to help assess potential safety concerns to the social worker or the vulnerable person in an investigation.

Figure Out Who’s Who
Diona Mobile Investigations is a better way for investigators to manage their investigations, particularly during the initial contact with vulnerable persons in an investigation. Through integration with the agency’s back-end systems, investigators can quickly determine whether a person being interviewed has a history with the agency.

Accelerate Your Assessments
Diona Mobile Investigations offers investigators assessment support that is easy to travel with and use in the field. With a simple and intuitive user interface including swipe and wipe gesture support, investigators can navigate and complete their assessments and forms easily and quickly while staying focused on the investigation.

Validated through evidence-based research, quantitative mobile-based assessments aid the investigator by making it easy to complete assessments on the scene of the investigation and receive recommendations on actions to take. They help the investigator assess in real-time whether there are any immediate safety concerns or imminent risk of harm for the vulnerable person.


Take Notes That Count

Included with Diona Mobile Investigations is a notes functionality that offers a set of features opening up brand new possibilities and work options for how investigators document and retrieve information about their work.

The notes functionality employs multi-media to offer clearer and better record-keeping than words alone. By combining different approaches including handwriting, typed, audio and video recordings and photographs, investigators can find the work style that suits them and their agency best.

An elegant text-to-speech ability allows investigators to transform travel time to a client’s site into an opportunity to efficiently review notes and cases. Diona Notes also supports speech-to-text, offering even more options for them.

Keep Sensitive Information Safe
Bringing client information into the field is inherently risky. It’s far safer using a protected device such as an encrypted tablet instead of carrying paper files in a folder. Diona Mobile Investigations features strong encryption and data protection features which protect agencies and their clients. 

Only information that is needed in the field is brought into the field.

Stay Connected Without Staying In The Office
Diona Mobile Investigations offers true work flexibility. Some “mobility” solutions offer no real mobility at all and require investigators to return to the office every time they need to update the information on their devices. Diona Mobile Investigations offers true connectivity on the road (and it’s smart enough to keep working even when there’s no network to connect to).

Diona Mobile Investigations (PDF)