Case Study


Learn how the HRA is leading the way in changing how people engage with a Health and Human Services agency, through citizen self-service tools. HRA has launched a mobile app which allows New Yorkers to quickly submit supporting documents through their mobile phones. This enterprise mobility solution saves clients' time while saving government resources.

Working with Diona’s mobility solutions has opened up a new, cost-effective, and powerful way for us to engage with the people we serve.
— Lauren Aaronson, Deputy Commissioner for Business Process Innovation NYC Human Resources Administration






July 2017, The New York Times covered the story of how 1.7 million New York City residents can now get the help they need from the Human Resources Administration thanks to the government mobile app Access HRA Mobile. The city now receives approximately 76 percent of food stamp applications electronically and clients have uploaded more than a million documents—and rising—through the enterprise mobility software.

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