2019 Panel Discussion

Social Program Engagement:
Meeting Client and Worker Needs in the Moment to Deliver Value

Joined by Rebecca Kirchheimer from NYC Human Resources Administration and Shalom Jacobs from Arizona Department of Child Safety.


New York City Human Resources Administration win APHSA ISM Award for Best Technology

Congratulations to the ACCESS HRA team on a national award from APHSA ISM, for best user-centered platform and design in the country! Diona is proud to work with Accenture, KPMG, and IBM on this important program.

Learn more about NYC HRA APHS ISM Award →


“Don’t Let Paper Get in The Way”

The theme for our booth this year was the message of “Don’t Let Paper Get In The Way.” This idea portrays the vulnerability of paper based processes, and that we’re not always getting the full picture when limited to this method. Our booth was filled with portraits of clients, social workers, and administration workers, further conveying this message. Their images were distorted and damaged, showing the fragility of the material.