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Across various Health and Human Services programs, Diona has delivered mobile technology solutions and consulting services to government agencies that have impact. Diona customers across the globe rely on our deep domain expertise and technical experience to provide mobile solutions, mobile apps, and services that solve complex problems and reap big rewards.




Integrated Diona Mobility solutions with the existing child welfare case management system using Diona Mobile solutions, boosting field access, improving caseworker efficiency, increasing time spent with children and families, and enhancing service quality.

New York City Department of Social Services

DSS has implemented Diona Mobility solutions that allow New Yorkers to interact with the DSS in an innovative and convenient way, while improving the efficiency and productivity of employees and operations. The solution has helped improve access to services for 3+ million New Yorkers and increase benefit acceptance and retention rates.

States of Guernsey

Provided self-service capability through Diona Mobile Uploads, allowing Guernsey clients to submit verification documentation with their mobile devices and avoid unnecessary trips to government offices.


Greater Manchester, Salford City Council

Implemented Diona Mobile Visits to deliver a digital initiative allowing midwives, health visitors, and children center workers to conduct more effective in-home visits and improve early years development and intervention.

Family Support Services of North Florida

Implemented Diona Mobile Visits to allow caseworkers to access their case details while out of the office, whether online or offline, improving their ability to engage with children and families, complete required forms and utilize their time in court.

Erie County (New York) Department of Social Services

Provided child protective investigators with access to the State child welfare case management data through the implementation of Diona Mobility solutions.


North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Mobilized child protection investigators throughout the Counties with Diona Mobility solutions, integrated with Cúram child welfare system.

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New Zealand

Playing key roles delivering Agile releases of multiple Cúram systems at a national level in New Zealand, including efforts to expand online services for clients and increase efficiencies in social housing.

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Working within a range of Cúram systems to deliver and enhance disability assessment, case management and health care functionality and to ensure coherence of data, business rules and user experience.

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South Carolina

Supporting the implementation of a new Cúram Medicaid eligibility and case management system.


New York State 

Assisting in the implementation of a Cúram care coordination and provider management system for New York.

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Supporting the implementation of additional phases of a Cúram system for youth services, social assistance and housing benefits.

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United Kingdom

Supporting the United Kingdom as it reforms its disability programs through implementation of a Cúram system.

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Helping with a Cúram eligibility and case management system in Missouri.

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Helping to implement a Cúram care coordination solution to improve the lives of those within the mental healthcare system.

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Assisting Belgium implement its first Cúram eligibility and case management solution.

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Washington DC

Helping the District implement an enterprise-wide Cúram TANF, SNAP, and Medicaid system. 

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Assisting in the implementation of a Cúram solution aimed at modernizing the state’s Medicaid and SNAP programs.

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Helping Alberta analyze and enhance its Cúram child welfare system.

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Supporting the implementation of Province-wide Cúram income support solution.


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New Jersey

Helping New Jersey with a statewide project to implement Cúram for eligibility and case management across Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, Child Care, and other programs. 

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Providing consulting services to help the Province expand its Cúram child welfare solution.

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Helping Singapore with its Cúram eligibility, case management, and outcome management implementation.

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British Columbia

Assisting BC with maintaining and enhancing a large-scale Cúram workers compensation system. 

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Helping a systems integrator with Cúram prototyping for a large health and social welfare effort.


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Providing Cúram technical and business expertise to Qatar in a global delivery model as part of a rapid multi-program Cúram implementation. 


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Helping Nebraska implement a new Cúram Medicaid solution. 



San Diego

Assisting in the establishment of a Cúram based electronic information exchange system that enables collaboration among County service providers, community partners and customers, for improved health, safety, and self-sufficiency.