Empower Your Employees and Clients

Diona Mobility helps agencies serve people better while improving how their employees work and collaborate to achieve better social outcomes. New options for efficiency, insight, and collaboration are now at everyone’s fingertips.


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What is Diona Mobility?

Here’s the short version. Diona Mobility is a family of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) enterprise solutions that brings together devices such as mobile phones and tablets with agency case management & eligibility systems.  

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Casework is about being in the field. Caseworkers want to be in the community and serving people at the moment of need. Diona Mobility offers them the freedom to leave their desks and spend more time doing the work that matters most.

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Child & adult protection investigators often need to quickly assess the risk of harm to a vulnerable person. Access to key information and effective use of time to gather information while on scene can make the difference when a life may be at stake. To make well-informed decisions efficiently, investigators need to be able to quickly find and share essential information in the field.

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When people can help themselves everyone wins. For clients, mobility can change the way they perceive a Health and Human Services agency and their relationship to it. By literally putting services into clients’ hands, the agency reduces its costs and  makes clients happier.

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Does it make sense to have to travel to an agency office and wait in line just to present a copy of a document? Of course not. Now there’s a better option.  Diona Mobile Uploads gives agency clients the ability to photograph and submit supporting documents directly from their mobile phones saving trips, time, and paper.

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Health and Human Services agencies need to ensure that Diona Mobility solutions meet their key technical requirements, and that agency data is safe and secure. Diona Mobility solutions are designed from the ground up using industry leading technologies and adhere to the highest security standards in the industry.

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