Diona Mobile Placement Finder

When a child needs a place to stay, agencies must act quickly to identify all suitable options. Foster care organizations need access to foster parents, kinship placements, group homes, halfway homes, and many more resources—at a moment’s notice.

Diona Mobile Placement Finder, a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile enterprise solution, provides caseworkers the critical information—and context—they need to address urgent alternative care resource issues. The solution also helps caseworkers proactively find and retain stable placements and diffuse conflict situations with respite options to ultimately support permanency, safety, and well-being.

The Diona Mobile Placement Finder is a smartphone- and tablet-enabled application that allows alternate placement providers to:



Minimize Disruption to Children's Lives

Moving to a new placement is often a traumatic experience for a young person in care, involving a complete disruption to their lives. By enabling the caseworker with access to placement resource information while working in collaboration with the placement coordinator, Diona Mobile Placement Finder provides for a smoother process for the young person and the caseworker—right from the field. 

Enhance Placement Stabilization with Better Information

Caseworkers need context-specific information to ensure they’re providing clients with a safe, secure, and stable environment for long-term support and well-being. With Diona Mobile Placement Finder, critical information and data are immediately accessible in the field from a mobile device—history of children in care, background checks, licensing violations, previous allegations against and towards individuals in the home, all of which is essential to understanding the appropriateness of the placement. 



Leverage Mobile Technology for
Real-Time Data & Communication

Diona Mobile Placement Finder gives the caseworker mobile access to potential providers through real-time communication such as SMS, phone calls, and video chat. The caseworker can also access details of currently placed foster children within the home, enabling better decision-making as to the appropriateness of placing another child.

Configure Search Filters for More Relevant Results

“Identifying the right placement for each
child is key to stability and permanence.”
— Harriet Ward, Professor of Child and Family Research, Loughborough University

Configurable filters allow the caseworker to identify resources based on the most relevant characteristics and parameters to consider when determining a potential placement resource. Multiple filters such as number of available beds, cultural understanding or knowledge, and training in specific areas of behavioral need speed up the process and ensure the caseworker has access to the right information. Caseworkers can also leverage mobile device technology, such as GPS, to provide contextualized information about available resources based on the location and needs of a child or children. 



Simplify, Increase Speed of Placement Notifications and Actions

Diona Mobile Placement Finder allows caseworkers to quickly notify the system of record (SOR) of a new placement. This information can be captured as part of a form or directly passed to the SOR to initiate agency-specific business processes and workflows. All can be done from the caseworker’s mobile device while in the field, increasing the speed and accuracy with which placement data is available to others in the agency.

Experience Superior User-centered Design

The Diona Mobile Placement Finder was developed based on direct input from caseworkers and foster care agencies and integrated user-centered design (UCD) methods. Additionally, Diona’s design team includes experts with social worker experience and domain knowledge, producing a solution that is truly end-user focused. Its native design supports Android and iOS devices.


Diona Mobile Placement Finder (PDF)