Mobile Solutions Can
Lend A Helping Hand


"In many years of being in business and around entrepreneurs I have found that some of the most successful, most impactful businesses are those born out of a genuine desire on the part of the founders to help improve the quality of life of others. And these businesses often have their roots and origins in the personal experience of one or more of the founders.

Drawing motivation from their own challenges and utilising their unique skills and contacts, they come up with solutions to these challenge and then strive to share these solutions with others who are facing the very same challenges. In doing so,
their passion becomes their purpose. Their mess becomes their message.
This is one such inspiring story.

Graham Stubbs is co-founder and CEO of international software company, Diona. Put simply, the company develops software solutions for mobile phones and tablets that allows members of the public easy access to a range of government services - such as claiming unemployment benefits or scheduling basic appointments with government agencies and service providers. In addition, their software is used by government social workers who operate in complex areas such as child protection and family support".


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